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Is psychotherapy really confidential?

Psychotherapists registered and accredited with national bodies such as BPC are required to adhere to a code of ethics and practice which requires a particularly careful approach to confidentiality. Issues you discuss with your psychotherapist at Mindmatters are governed by these codes of ethics and practice. All verbal and written information, which you share with us, is carefully protected to ensure no-one else has access to it.

Ros adheres to the following codes of professional ethics and practice:

Mindmatters is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and complies with their regulations. This means that personal information is stored securely and confidentially, and is not made use of for marketing purposes. Except in unusual circumstances, we will only contact you in reply to your direct enquiry.

Is there research evidence that psychotherapy works?

Talking therapies are understood to be effective in treating a wide range of psychological problems, sometimes in conjunction with suitable medication. There is research evidence that psychodynamic psychotherapy and Mentalization Based Therapy are effective in treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders and some personality disorders.


Mindmatters undertakes not to allow individual or social prejudice about age, ethnicity, race, nationality, disability, social, economic or immigration status, lifestyle, gender identity or gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religious or cultural beliefs to adversely affect the way we work and relate. Please ensure that we are aware of any special needs or requirements.

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